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September 7th Reunion Committee Recap

Committee members present: Woody Yonts, Sally Wilson,
David Humphrey, Lisa Rice, Mary Riggs, Rick Murphy,
Cathy Boggs, Julie Heim, Mary Beth Sims, Tracey
Nicolau, & Cathy Buchholtz

Topics Discussed:
Golf Outing- Humzey Yessin has organized a golf outing
for the morning of the reunion on October 14th, Spring
Valley Golf Course, 9:00 a.m. (time may delayed if
frost). This will be an "on your own" event available
to the first 24 players. Cost will be $ 57.00 which
will include a golf cart.

Brunch on October 15th- An "on your own" brunch will
be at the Campbell House Inn restaurant on Sunday
morning. If anyone would like to attend, meet around
9:30 a.m. at the restaurant.

Decorations- Cathy, Lisa, Tracey, & Julie will be
doing minimal decorating for the reunion event. Rick
will be making 3 banners and David has made posters of
the senior picture yearbook pages to be placed on the
walls. Mary will be meeting with the Campbell House
next week to discuss placing our event on the Campbell
House marqee & decorations the hotel will be

Front Reception- Lisa Rice has a friend that has
volunteered to man the front table for the event.

Class Roster- will be available, classmates will be
asked to sign up at the front reception table. A file
will be emailed to them for printing out the roster.

Campbell House Contract- Tracey reviewed the class
contract with the Campbell House, Mary will be signing
the contract and making the deposit next week.

Second Mailing- Mary, Mary Beth, Cathy, & Sally will
be meeting next week to send out a mailing to serve as
a reminder and include last minute details.

Reunion Attendance- To date, we have received 125 paid
attendee responses. Since the Campbell House will
need a final total 3 days prior, we are requesting all
reservations be made by October 10th. Last minute
reservations will be accepted at the door.

Memoriam- David will be compiling a memoriam board to
honor our classmates that have passed.

Advertising- Mary Beth will be placing another ad in
the Herald Leader.

Teacher Contact- Kyle will be contacting several of
our former teachers & coaches with an invitation to
the event.

Misc- David will be making the nametags for classmates
who have paid in advance (providing time allows).

A final wrap up meeting will be: Thursday, October 5th, Campbell House Inn, 7:00 p.m.



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