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30 Year Reunion Information
Final Reunion Meeting OCTOBER 5, 2006

Committee Members Present: David Humphrey, Sally Wilson, Mary Riggs, Lisa Rice, Julie Heim, Tracey Nicolau, Humzey Yessin, & Cathy Boggs

Topics discussed: Attendance: As of October 5th, 163 paid attendees have made reservations, this includes approximately 105 classmates, spouses, and friends.

Invitations were sent to Principal Warren Featherston, Asst Principal Wilton Fuller, Coach Walton, Coach Greer, Coach Atkins, Coach Bunnell, Band Director Leslie Anderson, Coach Barger, & teacher Miss Stiles to be our guests for the evening. Mr. Fuller will not be able to attend since he is "wintering in Florida", & Coach Bunnell responded that he had a conflict.

Campbell House arrangements: Mary & Mary Beth met with the Campbell House twice over the past couple of weeks to finalize room layout, food details, decorations, seating, etc. The food will be served from around 7:45 to 9:45 & a cash bar will be open from 7:00 to 1:00 a.m. Thomas Mason will be playing during this time & a dance floor will be set up. The food will be served by the indoor swimming area.

Decorations: The Campbell House will be providing table arrangements and adequate decorations so the committee will not need to bring in additional decor. The staff wil be hanging 22 posters that David has created from the senior pictures in the yearbook and two banners that Rick is making to welcome the Class of 1976. Cathy Boggs, Lisa, Tracey, & Julie will be adding some confetti to the tables & preparing the posters for the staff to hang. David has also created a memorial board to honor our classmates that have passed. The decorating committee will be meeting around 1:00 on Saturday to coordinate the decorations.

Registration table: Lisa has a couple of friends that will be receiving the guests in the reception area. Paid guests will give their name & receive a nametag. Guests may sign up for the class roster to be emailed to them at this time. Unregistered guests may register at the reception table.

Nametags: Mary is creating nametags for guests who have preregistered.

Photography: Humzey is going to talk to a friend who is a professional photographer & may be interested in taking pictures. All guests are encouraged to bring their cameras & email them to Sandi Memmer for the website. Sandi is going to create a slideshow of the reunion & post on our permanent website Sandi was recognized for her hard work in creating the great website & keeping information current. She has volunteered to keep the website updated for future use even though activity will be slow until the next reunion. In doing so, classmates will have a permanent place to check for classmate news & happenings...all classmates are welcome & encouraged to contribute information to the website! Reunion pictures may be emailed to Sandi at

Golf Outing: will be Saturday morning at Spring Valley Golf Course, arrive at 9:00 a.m. If you have any questions, contact Humzey at or

Superlatives: a few class superlatives will be given during the reunion

Any money that is left over from the 30 year reunion will be placed in an interest bearing account for the 35 year reunion.

OUR SINCERE & DEEP APPRECIATION TO THE MEMBERS THAT SERVED ON THE 30 YEAR PLANNING COMMITTEE: Cathy Boggs, Eddie Brantley, Cathy Buchholtz, Julie Heim, David Humphrey, Billy Knight, Rick Murphy, Tracey Nicolau, Lisa Rice, Mary Riggs, Mary Beth Sims, Kyle Whalen, Beth Wiley, Sally Wilson, Humzey Yessin & Woody Yonts.

THE BIGGEST KUDOS TO: Sandi Memmer Boneta for her professionalism & creativity to our class website!!

We are all volunteers & we had a great time planning our 30 year reunion...we hope YOU will support our efforts!


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